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April 24, 2014 putting up ... Clive Bundy was "bushwacked" by a Big apple Times reporter as they set him up within an job interview and took his reviews from context calling him a racist ... what he was saying and i clearly recognize him in his speech (which they edited obviously) was that blacks On this region are pressured right into a worse than slavery condition through the federal authorities by deficiency of option and the welfare process ... easy ... but no person from the Big apple jewish managed banking community and their The big apple times pawn reporter have an interest in the truth ... They're only thinking about twisting the reality just as they are doing with my science ... and all the things else they contact On this state ... do not forget the little undeniable fact that it had been the jewish owned and operated west indies firm that introduced the slaves from africa (trapping them and transporting them like animals) a little bit piece of record they forgot to say within your grade school heritage textbooks let alone the theft of every one of the gold from your "americas" that continues to be the basis with the world broad rothschild banking empire that operates our pretty possess PRIVATE bank federal reserve (yes it's nothing at all to accomplish with federal anything) .

September eleven, 2013 ... anniversary from the false flag celebration that still is being used to lessen America to a 3rd world country beneath the economical terrorism from the Worldwide jew banking cartel .

underneath in white letters is the precise disinfo crew posting i mouse copied from a Online page wanting to slam me ... see how they fight to associate me While using the spaceweather.

January 19, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio show is currently posted around the archive Web content ... my show subject this 7 days is getting a twist ... an important subject has arrive up that demands my speedy consideration ... i happen to be investigating water takeover and Regulate world huge for some time and at this time You will find there's fight going on concerning campesinos of central colombia and mega multi-countrywide energy corporations which were given drinking water rights to the rio magdelena river that cuts by means of central colombia ... tens of thousands of peasant farmers and workers are increasingly being thrown off their land with no payment (contrary to claims of the government along with the mega corps) and they have got no place to go .

On Peer Evaluation ... ninety nine% of all investigation in science mathematics and engineering ... which includes the vast majority of authentic developments ... Will not be posted in peer reviewed journals ... Einstein hardly ever posted in peer evaluation journals and brazenly distained them (specifically in the United states of america) for his or her snobbery and misuse of This technique to monopolize numerous fields (his two peer reviewed publications were just before he arrived for the USA) ... I've numerous early vocation peer reviewed publications in astrophysics and Area science journals even so I've refused to submit to this system for the same explanations ... most fields of review are harbored by tiny teams of ivory towered snobs who use peer evaluation to maintain by themselves in and Other individuals out .

April 29, 2014 posting ... clive bundy has been labeled a racist for telling the truth that the majority of blacks With this country are worse off beneath the welfare procedure than they were as slaves (we ain't speaking about NBA stars) ... for that he is labeled a racist ... for over each week such as the prime time weekend news systems that may be ALL THEY Mentioned ... Obviously the people who Handle the Big apple smooze nooze are very concerned about what happened when the general public took up arms to fend off an out of control governing administration agency land grabbing for that greedy senators as well as their crony company companions ... as other states like oklahoma and through the south responded sending a clear information to washington to keep out ... The existing wave after wave of horrific tornados focusing on harmless populations is obvious temperature manipulation complete with six (Indeed 6) earth  quakes in oklahoma just in the final working day .

December 28, 2012 publishing ... my weekly radio show archive has become posted about the radio archive sub-site ... i go over the issue on discover this the Christmas star as well as the immense hard work this earlier week with the BBC to advertise the BS Tale a couple of planetary alignment staying the star of bethlehem ... far more tier II fairy tale science ... but why ??? i Take note that there should be a significant effort to help keep the general public from understanding the Christmas star was an exceedingly unusual comet ... we confident wouldn't want the general public believing that comets could have just about anything to complete with major historical gatherings now would we ?!?!?!?!?! ... interestingly sufficient the disinformation waves are in entire force this 7 days as we see large misinformation coming from NASA now doing destruction Regulate concerning the comet C/2012/S1 .

April 15, 2013 ... We now have caught NASA JPL fudging and shifting comet ephemeris info (the data that gives orbital properties of comets and asteroids) someday they give selected dates of sizeable situations like ecliptic crossings (I exploit this information to chart in which comets will probably be and what electrical alignments will come about .

P.S. isn't it remarkable the quantity of misinformation that is certainly being spread to help keep the general public from knowing the true character of comets ?!?!?! comets formed the key Portion helpful hints of the Christmas Tale and the top working day prophesies ... they hold The main element to knowing how we can easily Are living with many of the electrical Vitality we need provided by the Solar on a daily basis and also to reside in peace and harmony With all the universe .

Could 09, 2014 posting ... See ... I'm starting to be massively suspicious that MON(Ster)SANTO and similar providers and possibly together with Massive PHARMA are associated with the chem trail spraying ... i also are getting to be certain that Massive PHARMA is involved in sickness and ailment creation via injection of catalysts from the drinking water techniques and our food stuff source to "generate business" for his or her items not the the very least of which happens to be infertility and most cancers .

December 20, 2014 putting up ... my december 18th radio demonstrate has become posted on the archive sub-page ... join me on my weekly radio show this thursday evening as I'm going into depth on an incredibly "significant subject" ... i will probably be talking about the measurement of hefty h2o at comet 67P by the Rosetta Mission scientists as well as news Bogus reporting this is coming with the comet nucleus ... i have immediate communications which the drinking water (each Hydrogen and Deuterium centered) had been calculated at 10 km and 100 km higher than the comet nucleus and was not calculated coming through the comet nucleus ... Additionally they just declared which the "colour" grey of your nucleus ..

July 03, 2014 publishing ... my weekly radio exhibit is now posted on the archive sub-webpage ... i comment on several latest issues moreover i request and explore a parody on Noah and the ancient flood ... inside the "modern world" of now ... could Now we have a repeat of The good flood And exactly how could a Noah kind of particular person pull off building a huge arc without any a person getting a clue and it was way too late plus the rains were falling .

September thirteen, 2013 ... satisfied friday the thirteenth ... do you know WHY friday the thirteenth is considered unlucky ??? this goes back again to historic heritage and it had been about the thirteenth along with a friday when Venus the comet came by and did a variety in the world .

September 05, 2013 ... my weekly radio demonstrate archive is posted about the archive web demonstrate ... it features an EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT ... i are announcing for a few time which i entirely envisioned a false flag electric powered grid outage (falsely blamed on a photo voltaic flare) inside the around long run ... in November There exists a global exercise involving the United states Canada and Mexico to simulate a full scale energy outage being coordinated by a group that i'm seeking to get for the roots of this "organization" ... her comment is here i go over this on my demonstrate with its implications ... what is fascinating is that it is remaining finished coincident with amongst my predictions of the electrical alignment of comet ISON and what i called the start of the period of months in which we could see major photo voltaic flaring .

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